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Hi, my name is Ann Sjökvist.

sweden_640I was born in Sweden, and moved to Finland in 1985, and started to learn the Finnish language.

I’m positive by nature and was obviously born with an Inquiring Mindset that has helped me find solutions to all kind of obstacles.

I believe the only function that a problem/obstacle has is to be solved.

Never loose a Holy Curiosity – Albert Einstein

finland_flagI am very thankful to three persons at former Nixdorf Computer who gave me the opportunity to start my IT career in Finland. Markku K, Markku S, and Kim F – these men are great by heart. Thanks to them I started as a programmer, and then was transferred to support, even though I actually didn’t know the Finnish language that well. Recommend this if you really need to learn a new language and fast.

nixdorf(c)Ann SjökvistI also owe a huge thanks to all my fellow team workers at Nixdorf, who helped improve my  Finnish skills.

(c) Louise SalminenSince then, I have been blessed with the opportunities of working in many different roles like Analysts, System Analysts, Software Test Engineer and Test Manager, Customer Care/ Support, Project Manager, Integration Specialist, SaaS Production Manager, Oracle Certified DB Specialist, COO.  My experience as a COO introduced me to  Sales and Marketing, which I found is  very inspiring. Also opportunities to find new innovative solutions make my day.

I love helping customers find  good solutions. H2H business is my cup of tea.

My Oracle trip started with an Oracle6 book, that I bought in Sydney 1995. My actual work with Oracle started as a programmer for software on an Oracle7 database.  Since then I have been working on every version till Oracle12c. My road with 12c started in late 2013, so still much to learn.

Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better. – Albert Einstein

Once my passion – shooting & hunting

Shooting and hunting was for very long time a huge passion in my life, and my goal was Sydney 2000 in Moving Target.

Achievements in  Sports/Moving Target: European Champion, European Team Champion, bronze medal in World Championship.

With hard,  passion and pioneer work in moving target women/girls finally got an own shooting class in 1993, but the dream of an Olympic Event for women was never fulfilled. Moving Target event was also removed for men after Sydney 2000.

(c)AnnSjökvistMy first gold medal I received at the European Championship for Teams in Dortmund, Germany., as a member of the Swedish team.

This Gold medal was almost taken away from us, since two other teams made a protest to the jury; the reason “a girl was in the Swedish Team”. Luckily back than there were no rule against girls/women participating. Soon after this incident competitions started to get  a “for boys/men only” tag. 

At a Finnish Championship in the late 80s, I wasn’t allowed to shoot the final, since I was a woman – even though my result was the same as the winner of the competition before the final.

Soon after this,  a group of men in Finland sent a letter to the Finnish Shooting Association, saying “girls/women are not able to shoot 60 shots, since they don’t have the strength (even though a tiny girl shoot like a man)“, so they should only shoot 40 shots, and shall not be permitted to shoot among men.

After all t(c) AnnSJökvisthis fuzz, it didn’t take long before women/girls had its own event, and could only shoot 40 shots. And the first European Championship for women was held in Brno, Czech Republic. This gold medal is very special to me.

All struggle for women’s rights to shoot Moving Target eventually paid off – Now they have their own events in WC and EC. – Is this cool or not?

Take Care, Stay Well, and enjoy the Challenges Life Brings!


Turku July 2015

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  1. Hi Ann,
    We are using Oracle 12c SE and trying to use dbms_parallel_execute to accomplish some task in parallel. The problem is that it opens up different sessions for its parallel processing since Oracle uses DBMS Scheduler for the purpose.

    I am looking if the entire process could be complete in single parent session. The reason I am looking so is because my process puts up data some global temporary table and I need that data in parent session but still want the leverage on dbms_parallel_execute feature of Oracle.


  2. Hi, I am Korean.
    So, my English could be poor.
    Lately, my customer started to use SE.
    But I have lack of experience about it.
    I think that your website very useful for me.
    Thanks about it.
    Have a good time.

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