11gR2 – SE Pitfalls in Advanced Application Developer’s Guide


Since I anyhow was reading the document and noticed this little pitfall , I just want to remind you all Application Developer on a Standard Edition database environment that your second best companion after your colleagues, is the license document.

I am referring to this document and to this part:


This document is good, but as you can see above, it doesn’t mention that the “Oracle Flashback Transaction Query” is an Enterprise Edition feature. It just tells you how amazing feature it is.

Example (green=ok, red=not ok)


Why should you care?

Just think about this:

“How am I able to explain to my boss that I accidentally implemented this feature in to our software and now it has violated the license agreement a 1000 times or more?

“Ok. Since our software needs this Enterprise Edition feature, I have to convince our company to purchase Enterprise Edition database version”.

Have a nice day!


Turku 20th October 2014

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