12c RAC Guide from a Standard Edition perspective – PART III


Updated 21h March 2015

 Possible pitfalls in the Guide –  PART III

In previous post “PART II” I talked about some possible pitfalls that you need to be aware of, when reading the guide and your environment is a Standard Edition database. The subjects were:

 Oracle Home User
Application Continuity & Transaction Guard
Java and JDBC Support for Application Continuity
Oracle JDBC Support for Transaction Guard

To my understanding, there might be some Enterprise Edition requirements with the above features in a Standard Edition Database Environment. So if you notice that your Companies Business needs any of those features, then it might be time to start planning for an edition upgrade project.

 Requirements for RAC on Standard Ed.

Before you install RAC, remember that there are some requirements that must be fulfilled. Let’s see what the documentation says:


Enterprise Manager – usage

Oracle says

“Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control 12c supports management of Oracle Database Standard Edition One, Oracle Database Standard Edition, and Oracle Database Enterprise Edition. Other editions of Oracle Database, such as Oracle Database Personal Edition, which provides single-user development and deployment environments, is not supported by Oracle Enterprise Manager.”

The Enterprise Manager is an awesome tool, but remember that many management packs can only be used with an Enterprise Edition Database Environment.

Please checkThis document for more information. It is very good reading for a Standard Edition Database DBA.

 Personal thoughts- nice post by Tim Hall

Even though there are many things to check, I still think Oracle Standard Edition is amazing in so many ways. It is still the “Crème de la Crème” of databases.

As I said it before, as long as your companies business requirements have been taken into calculations  – not only from a currency point of view, Oracle Standard Edition Database is a proven concept.

I love this blog post by Tim Hall. Please read it.

Stay tune if you think the posts  “PART I – III” was of any interest. There might be more stuff to pinpoint from this document, that we in a Standard Edition Database Environment just need to be aware of.


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