Standard Edition Release in June

Just received GREAT NEWS about Standard Edition RELEASE


So now folks, why not start planning for Standard Edition release upgrades 🙂

Have a lovely week, stay well, take care!


Turku 30.4.2015

4 thoughts on “Standard Edition Release in June”

  1. Hi Ann,

    Good news ! We can now prepare our 12c migration …

    One more question, as this will be an SE release do you know what EE options will be removed ?
    Licensing guide, is my favourite work book, but I would like to spend a little more time and a lot less risks on this part of the job.

    Best regards,


    1. Hi Bertrand,

      I am sure that’s great news to both you and your customers.

      Unfortunately I am not in such position, to answer that questions – I wish I were.

      But I can ask my peers for any ideas.

      Have a nice day!

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