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Time to Engage Big Data in Standard Edition

Last week I asked “Big Data in Standard Edition Seriously” and after one week of studying at EMC Education Centre, I truly believe that smaller companies should start to embrace the opportunities that this technology can bring.

When asking different people the question “What is  Big Data?“,  many different explanations will be provided. But the one I received from EMC Education Centre, opened my mindset about the Big Data concept:

Big Data is really about ANY attribute that challenges the constraints of a system capability or business need

It’s not only about size – examples

spreadsheetI have a 50 MB spreadsheet document that I cannot share it with my colleague via e-mail or a shared storage due to limitations of space – I just bumped into the “challenge of a system capability”

marketingMy CMO assistant made a 1,1TB marketing ad, that cannot be displayed remotely in real time to the board of Executives – once again, I just bumped into the “challenge of a system capability”

timeglassMy CMO came up with a new service, and a new 1PB marketing video need to be edited and rendered, but the Editor’s job is interrupted due to lack of resources on his computer – once again, I just bumped into the “challenge of a system capability”

So to my understanding, at all three examples we are facing “Big Data”.

One other thing that EMC Education pointed out to me, is :

“How Can We Get Closer to Big Data & Start Taking Advantage of it?”

That question I think, is not an exclusive property for big enterprises , but also applicable to smaller companies who is running their applications on an Oracle Standard Edition Database environment.

Since I am a novice on Big Data, and in the beginning of my learning path, I asked one of the instructors Barry Heller about his thoughts on how a small company could start to use their “Big Data”, to grow their understanding and sees the opportunities of the insight such analyse will bring:

  • what new services should they implement?
  • how to grow their business?
  • do we need to change our processes or create new ones?

Advices from the expert Barry Heller (c)

  • identify one pain point or opportunity within a company and produce a quick win.
  • Possible projects may be to build a
    • recommender system,
    • reduce customer churn,
    • identify upselling
    • cross-selling opportunities
  • For statistical analyses
    • the R programming language is a great place to start.  
    • the Apache Hadoop ecoystem is great place to start for
      • storing
      • processing
      • analysing Big Data.  

Beyond the technology, another important aspect is how the project will be staffed; small companies may not have the expertise in-house.

Thanks Barry for guidance, and to me, this sounds like an opportunity to all companies running an Oracle Standard Edition Database; Big Data is available to all business – it’s not about the size.

So why not start thinking about transforming your data to the next level, and look into new business options/possibilities?

Even as a novice, I must say THAT would be a great challenge to have a Standard Edition Database Environment, and start a Big Data project, to find new opportunities of any kind to the company!


Take care, stay well and enjoy this Monday!

– Ann

Turku 18th May 2015



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