Standard Edition without EE options?


Standard Edition without Enterprise Edition options?oracle12c

I just received a very good question, that need to get some attention and an answer, so this post is purely a request for help from anybody who might know.

This is the question I received  from Bertrand:

“One more question, as will be a SE release do you know what EE options will be removed ?”

Why did I address this question to four persons?

I took the liberty of addressing this question (on LinkedIn) to four people (Graham Wood, Mike Dietrich, Bryn Llewellyn, Kuassi Mensah) that I met last summer at the OUGF conference, since this question deserve some attention and I think they might be abel to bring some light to this question, or have somebody in their network that might be able to help.

The Standard Edition Community is concerned and interested in things addressing Standard Edition Database future, and by addressing this question to somebody, it will hopefully receive some attention and by so also an answer, and not get lost in the noise of information.

Of cause this question is to any Oracle Peer, who might have some information on the subject.

Thanks for Your help!


Take care (also remember to take care of your data), stay well, and have a lovely day!


Turku 15th May 2015

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