Standard Edition is something for the Enterprise (c)

SE in the Enterprise ?

A little while ago I was asked to make a podcast on my thoughts on Standard Edition and can this edition be something for the Enterprise.

If you are interested of my thoughts, check this ad-hoc interview made by Kay Williams from Madora Consulting.

Two things that I would like to add to the interview:

Do I have any knowledge about any company who has upgraded/downgraded their database edition?

Yes I have experience from both.

a) One customer had the Standard Edition database, and performed an upgrade to Enterprise Edition database since they needed more advanced security options.

b) An other customer had been running their Enterprise on an Enterprise Edition database, and found out that the software actually is not using anything that the Standard Edition database couldn’t handle, so they made a downgrade.

As i said in the interview

It depends on the business and it depends on the application. If it is possible to use Standard Edition, or not.  I don’t really believe in the fact that IT should just do the demands. I prefer the other way around.

Take care, stay well and enjoy the opportunities the Standard Edition can bring!


Turku 12.5.2015



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