Standard Edition R2 is planned for Q3 CY2015

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3rd of July 2015 SE Day Standard Edition R2 is planned for Q3 CY2015

NOTE – UPDATE – 8th of July 2015

Changes has been announced today, so PLEASE CHECK these new documents!

Doc2027072.1 Disappeared.

Replaced by updates in Doc1905806.1 and Doc742060.1

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What an amazing day of turbulence on twitter!

NOTE – 3rd July 2015 Breaking News

Standard Edition (SE) and Standard Edition One (SE1) are replaced by Standard Edition 2.

Customers running SE or SE1 will need to migrate their licenses to SE2 to be able to upgrade to Note 2027072.1

During last months the Standard Edition Community have often asked themselves:

“When will Standard Edition Database release 2 ( arrive?”

Yesterday I received a question from Laurent Leturgez , asking if I had any information about SE12.1.0.2:

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Since I hadn’t, I asked the Database Product Manager at Oracle Dominic Giles,  and shortly the Standard Edition Community  received the information we all been waiting for:


The Standard Edition Database version (Rel2) is planned to arrive in Q3 CY2015! And Support extended 6 months

Thanks Dominic for assisting the Oracle Standard Edition Community during this time of uncertainty.

Twitter Turbulence – 3rd of July 2015 (Europe temp > 35°C)

However, this message kicked off some “turbulence on twitter”, and besides facts, of cause also lots of seeds of rumours were planted.

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Please check out Laurent’s blog

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Please check out Stefan’s blog

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Please read Ludovico’s thought about SE2 from his blog

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Please read Jan’s own thoughts about Standard Edition Rel2. Jan thanks for the mention on your blog.

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Please check out Lothar’s blog.

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Please check out Alberto’s blog.

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Please check out Franck’s blog.

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(c) Ann Sjökvist

Please check out Dominic’s blog. Thanks Dominic for your help! I am sure everybody in Oracle Standard Edition Community really appreciate your helping hand!

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As Ludovico mentioned on one of his tweets, we absolutely need the twitter buzz around Standard Edition, but we also know the effect of “bad apples in the basket”.

So would it be more beneficial for Standard Edition Community to give the amazing team working on Oracle Standard Edition a break? I am sure Dominic will provide us with more facts when possible.

I liked the initiative from Franck asking for information on Standard Edition REL2 New Features. We need more initiative like this. Thanks Franck for supporting the Standard Edition Community!

Oracle Note 2027072.1 on SE2

Please read Note 2027072.1 for more information. The  License Agreement policy will change between Standard Edition / Standard Edition One and But once again. The expected release:

The release of Oracle Database SE2 is planned for Q3 CY2015

And the extended support for Standard Edition is 6 months.

Take care, stay well, and let’s enjoy this beautiful and warm weather! Yes finally even Scandinavia have got warm weather.


Turku 4th of July 2015 – Happy Independence Day to you in U.S!


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