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Twitter Hashtag….ok, so what’s in use at the moment?

During the “twitter turbulence day” of Oracle Standard Edition (SE2) release, I and Jan Karremans had a chat about lack of knowledge about useful hashtags, and a webpage full of such hashtags would be nice.

So here are the hashtags that I am aware of:


  • When you have something that reflect our latest Oracle Standard Edition R2 (SE2), please use this. You ask why not #SE2? Well it’s already in use for other purpose. For example SE2(r) is a registered trademark. Please use the orclse2 hashtag.


  • This hashtag has been used before the #orclse2, and was addressing stuff about Oracle Standard Edition. Please use it.


  • Is there a Standard Edition Round table that you like us to know about? Please add this hashtag, and I’m sure you get the attention you hope for.


  • Since there are many amazing Oracle User Groups, arranging lots of conferences, and everybody creates their own conference hashtag, we came up with the idea of an “umbrella-hashtag”. In this way a twitter filter can easily be used to grab information about conferences that’s HOT. So if you like to get more “buzz”, please add this hashtag.


  • Whenever somebody have information addressing the formidable tool APEX, this is the hashtag to use.

Whenever a new hashtag comes to myknowledge, this page will be updated.

Take care, stay well, and enjoy the summer!

– Ann

Turku 6th of July

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Ann Sjökvist

Standard Edition has the same core tech as Enterprise Ed. It just haven't all nice gadgets available so different solutions is required. Easy to violate license agreements, so be careful out there :)

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