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Twitter Hashtag….ok, so what’s in use at the moment?

During the “twitter turbulence day” of Oracle Standard Edition (SE2) release, I and Jan Karremans had a chat about lack of knowledge about useful hashtags, and a webpage full of such hashtags would be nice.

So here are the hashtags that I am aware of:


  • When you have something that reflect our latest Oracle Standard Edition R2 (SE2), please use this. You ask why not #SE2? Well it’s already in use for other purpose. For example SE2(r) is a registered trademark. Please use the orclse2 hashtag.


  • This hashtag has been used before the #orclse2, and was addressing stuff about Oracle Standard Edition. Please use it.


  • Is there a Standard Edition Round table that you like us to know about? Please add this hashtag, and I’m sure you get the attention you hope for.


  • Since there are many amazing Oracle User Groups, arranging lots of conferences, and everybody creates their own conference hashtag, we came up with the idea of an “umbrella-hashtag”. In this way a twitter filter can easily be used to grab information about conferences that’s HOT. So if you like to get more “buzz”, please add this hashtag.


  • Whenever somebody have information addressing the formidable tool APEX, this is the hashtag to use.

Whenever a new hashtag comes to myknowledge, this page will be updated.

Take care, stay well, and enjoy the summer!

– Ann

Turku 6th of July

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