SE2 released TODAY 1st Sept 2015

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SE2 released TODAY 1st Sept 2015

Today is a great day for Oracle Standard Edition Community!

The “Oracle Database Standard Edition 2 (=SE2)” has been released, and can now be downloaded

What’s new with SE2?

  1. The concepts “Standard Edition (=SE)” and “Standard Edition One (=SE1)” is gone, and the new name is “Oracle Database Standard Edition 2 (=SE2) edition”
  2. Oracle Database Standard Edition (=SE) Licensed Customers can download the new SE2 without any extra costs
  3. Standard Edition One (=SE1) Licensed Customers can download the new SE2 with an extra migration fee. Yes, that’s right. Without the extra migration cost, these customers are not allowed to migrate to the SE2.
  4. The Oracle Database Standard Edition Two (=SE2) will have a restriction of max 2 sockets, and max 16 threads/database. And if hyper thread is in use, there is a max 8 threads/database.
  5. The RAC feature will be available in the new SE2 release. Please keep in mind the max 2 socket and max 16 cores (hyper thread= max2 socket &max 8 core) rule.

See for more information.


How long will Oracle Database in any edition remain under Premier Support?

Full patching support for for all versions of 12gR1 (Enterprise Edition, Standard Edition and Standard One Edition) will be proviced for an additional 12 months from the release of SE2, so through until end August 2016.

After that period Oracle Database will enter Sustaining Support. There won’t be any Extended Support for Oracle Database in any edition.

Will there be an Oracle Database Standard Edition SE/SE1?

Beginning with the release of Oracle Database,  Oracle Database Standard Edition (SE) and Oracle Database Standard Edition One (SE1) are no longer being released. was the final edition that we will produce for SE and SE1.

MOS Note:742060.1 Release Schedule of Current Database Releases does reflect this extension already:  Release: Patching Ends: 31st of August 2016

I suspect lot’s of tweets on this subject, so I hope you all will remember to use the #orclse or #orclse2 tag.

Take care, stay well, and enjoy a life with the new SE2!


Turku 1st September 2015

6 thoughts on “SE2 released TODAY 1st Sept 2015”

    1. Hi Richard, good that you enjoy. Do I mind? When somebody gives a comment like yours, Out of courtesy I would have expected a reference to my site. Good comment by Giles, and a graph is a nice communication channel. Great!

  1. Hi Ann,

    We try to find the best solution to keep our DBs running on RAC SE (2 nodes * 2 cores ) compliant with these new licencing rules without too much extra cost. I like challenges.

    If I follow this post and #orclse2 tweets , the 16 threads ( then 8 on each of my Rac instances) limit is managed by Resource manager, it is not a limit in the processor I can use. Then I could use a monster server and its 56 cores, to host my Db without breaking Licencing rules.

    And I could even imagine to have on this 56 cores 2 or 3 SE2 instances each using its 8 threads as licence is by socket.
    Then I just have to find how to take make three instances with one running on 2 24 cores Processors.

    Am I wrong ?


    1. Hi Bertrand, as you mentioned undoubtedly by reading those tweets, I got the same expression. But, as always when we talk oracle license, it’s always best to ask the Oracle LMS team.

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