SE track a Success at UKOUG TECH15

icc        Success at TECH15!

Standard Edition Track in Birmingham

From all kind of social medias, I have since Harmony2014 Conference seen a growing activity around the Oracle Database Standard Edition database. People within Oracle Community, including people working only on an Enterprise Edition database environment , have blogged, talked, asked advices etc about the obstacles, struggles, and solutions that the Standard Edition database can/will/have caused.

In April this year, at the OUGN conference this thought of bringing the Standard Edition Database Community together grew and thanks to the UKOUG committee we finally had a Standard Edition Track at the TECH15 Conference in Birmingham 7th-9th December 2015.

Now sitting at the airport in Copenhagen on this Wednesday the 9th Dec reflecting what has been accomplished, I have the same feeling I had after winning my first Gold medal in an European Championship. I feel proud, joy, emptiness, and have high expectations for the future of the Oracle Standard Edition database.

Super Sunday Reflections


As a first timer at UKOUG conference, this was a nice way to get acclimatised. I had the opportunity to listen to

  • Developing Applications for RAC & Exadata – What You Need to Know by Bjoern Rost – portrix Systems GmbH
  • 12c Features for Developers by Connor McDonald – Oracle
  • Transforming One Table to Another: SQL or PL/SQL? By Bryn Llewellyn – Oracle  and Co-presenter(s): Jonathan Lewis.

And the take-away from Sunday: “Super Great Experience”. If you haven’t tried it yet, I recommend to schedule it at TECH16 Conference.

7th Dec SE Track Reflections

Penny Avr Penny Avril, VP Oracle

We were loaded with many speakers, and a Roundtable.

Many great thoughts, and discussions from both the audience and the speakers during this day. We had the honour of having Penny Avril, Vice President of Oracle and Dominic Giles, Product Managers for the Oracle Database from Oracle listening to some of the talks, and of cause we grabbed the opportunity to exchange our concerns and thoughts that the Standard Edition Community are having.

The speakers of first Standard Edition Track

  • An Insight into Oracle Standard Edition, What’s Included, What’s Not, and How to plug Some of Those Holes! By Tom Dale – Fivium
  • Standard Edition Something for the Enterprise or the Cloud? by Ann Sjökvist – SE – JUST LOVE IT
  • Looking for Performance Issues in Oracle SE – Check what OraSASH Can do for You by Marcin Przepiorowski – Delphix
  • Silent but Deadly : SE Deserves Your Attention by Philippe Fierens – FCP & Jan Karremans – Jk Consult, ACE
  • Oracle SE – RAC, HA and Standby are Still Available. Even Cloud! by Chris Lawless – Dbvisit Software
  • SE DBA’s Life a Bed of Roses? by Ann Sjökvist – SE – JUST LOVE IT

Standard Edition Round table

Also at our Standard Edition Roundtable we had the pleasure of beside Dominic Giles having Jonathan Lewis, and Maria Colgan, Master Product Manager For Oracle Database In-Memory.  

Standard Edition RT

Oracle support Standard Edition 2 and have plans on doing so for a long time

We received a promise,  Oracle will provide a version of SE2 for long, so……

  • Can we focus on enjoying the Standard Edition 2 opportunities and find good solutions and helping our customers, instead of complaining about the loss of SE1/SE?
  • Might the old on-premises model be replaced with the Cloud solution, and might the Cloud solution provide a better ROI for a small company?
  • Can we stay open-minded and give SE2 a chance?
  • Are we able to provide a solutions for our customers with SE2?

Personally I think so. After talking to a person about cloud and security I’m starting to look at cloud in a different way. He said:

“Oracle have a far bigger budget on hiring the best security specialists in the world, than a small company ever can dream of. So yes, it’s as secure environment as it can be according todays standard” 


Finally I would like to thank all our attendees, speakers, and Penny, Dominic, Maria, Jonathan and all the others for attending our Standard Edition Track and the Standard Edition Roundtable.

Also a huge thanks to UKOUG who made this possible.

Take care, stay well and let’s make something positive out of SE2 opportunity!


Copenhagen 9th Dec 2015

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