SE Database is On-Prem out of fashion?

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Oracle Database  ver. 12.2 first on the Cloud

Many of you have probably already read from the internet, that Oracle is  first distributing the new 12.2 Database to the Cloud, and then at a later stage it will become available for customers who still prefer the On-Prem option (

 “Cloud is growing, however, and software licensing continues to shrink. This is true right across the industry from Adobe, to IBM to Microsoft.”

Oracle for Small Business Enterprise (SME)?

Can SMEs afford an Oracle Database, or this database only for bigger companies?

Oracle  provide a Cloud option for Small and medium-sized enterprises (=SME). The costs for a Standard Edition Cloud Service is according to an Oracle slide approx. £4050 per month.

The On-prem Standard Edition 2 processor list price is approx. $17500.

After the release of their Engineered Systems ODA X6/S and ODA X6/M, which include a bare metal Standard Edition 2 installation for a list price of $18000, I would be tempted to say that Oracle do care about small customers as well.

As a comparison here is the price list for Microsoft SQL Server 2016.

At a first glance, the price difference between the two doesn’t seems to be major, so  the argument I hear a lot “Oracle is too expensive” seems a little bit enlarged. Other arguments or just “we don’t know the technology”, sounds more proper when deciding what database to use.

Oracle Database Cloud Service Standard Edition

In May this year at OUGF Conference I had the privilege to talk to Mr. Luis Moreno Campos, who is the EMEA Director, Data Management Cloud at Oracle EMEA. he said that Oracle is concentrating on Cloud, and in the long run we will see less On-Prem environments on the market.

As I told him, we all know a DBA who just needs to be able to “hug” the Database server every know and then. For long I have been a strong believer in ODA, and now Standard Edition 2 is finally available as a bare metal option. So, Oracle didn’t forget all DBAs who just loves to have a physical server luring in the room next door, Pretty cool – and yet an opportunity for Standard Edition Community.

Upcoming post…..Standard Edition Cloud Service – Is it easy or not?

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2 thoughts on “SE Database is On-Prem out of fashion?”

  1. Hi Ann,

    Seen the pricing, would you agree SE2 cloud based is not really an option from price point perspective, compared to on premises?

    4k per month vs. 17k once off? Okay, support, but that is 20% annually…


    1. Hi Jan, and appreciate your thoughts. The calculation you provide is obvious, but as always its all about customers requirements. For some customers the new ODA X6/S might bring the highest ROI. IMHO, Frank Pachot’s test on ODA verify the fact that it can perform and by calculating all costs (man hour used for administrating, patchin, diagnostic & tuning etc.), the best solution might not be the same after calculating, as what the first glance at the price list did point out. Have a great day!

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