Oracle SE exit?

I guess most of the people interested in Oracle Corporations related Technology has noticed the latest moves and changes in their strategy.

I was told, that changes has occurred within customer support and education, and it looks like well qualified people have been relocated or dismissed from their duties. Really?

I was informed that the SE climate has gone from a nice warm breeze to a more ice-cold climate. Really?

Tim Hall's post about Oracle cloud license changes doesn't leave doubts about the changes.

Somewhere on the net I found an article about the amount of databases available on the market. Sorry but lost the link. The writer explicitly said 'as an Oracle DBA, I would start learning other vendors DB's'.

His thoughts and the changes in strategy of Oracle made me ask: "If Oracle strategy is only from an IT perspective instead from a customer perspective. What is the added value of having an Oracle SE database?"

postgreSQL internal database might add some new values for SE customers. For sure looks interesting. Have you read Inc article "How to select the best database software: Know your database software types". I agree with this quote "experts stress the importance of selecting a system that best meets your needs."

We are living in a new area where digitalization brings new methods, processes and new ways of looking at things. Customer care is not according to some specialist what it used to be either.

According to the specialists, customers are looking for added value and good experiences not only IT technical stuff.

Changes in climate make customers changing there behaviors. When it is getting cold you by a warmer coat. Right?

So it's all seems natural when hearing about customers starting to look for new solutions that might add a better ROI from a customer value perspective instead from an IT perspective, doesn't it?

Let me borrow this quote with a miner change (report->blog)

This blog is in no way designed to be definitive. Rather, the objective is to encourage thinking about the future, to stimulate and facilitate debate, discourse and discussion, so that we are all better placed to shape our industry in the years that lie ahead.
Holger Taubmann, Senior Vice President Distribution, Amadeus"

Take care, stay well and maybe the climate will get nice and warm again. 🙂

26 Feb 2017

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