OOW17 Security and Standard Edition

(c) Ann Sjökvist 2017- Helsinki

OpenWorld 17 Thanks

The harvest of my trip to Oracle OpenWorld, San Fransisco was a huge “learning-networking-aha-new ideas”.

I specially like to thank Tammy, Martina, Wes and all the others from the ODA team that made my trip special in many ways.

I also like to give a special thanks to Hanni , Jussi and Hannu. The pre-meeting idea was super!

Larry’s Security Keynote – SE Hope

It was great to see a smiling and fun making Larry Ellison on the stage. His Keynote about Security made more than sense to me.

His speech gave me hope. Standard Edition database is part of the Oracle fleet, so when Larry announced Oracle has started the Cyberspace Security journey, and taking the business seriously, I think it looks promising from SE perspective.

I learned from Security team in San Fransisco that Audit Vault+Database Firewall is buy able for SE environment. Ofc, the challenge of not having FGA, will still be there. But that’s not a huge problem, only an issue.

In SE environment we just learn how to cope with obstacles, and if not…..well either an EE upgrade or we look for a new Vendor (with all the restrictions that Vendors DB will have). So far my experiences are; There are no free lunches. It’s simple as that.

(c) Louise Salminen 2017

Take care, stay well and enjoy the options to stay positive.


Helsinki October 2017

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