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Hi, my name is Ann Sjökvist.

sweden_640I was born in Sweden, and moved to Finland in 1985, and started to learn the Finnish language.

I’m positive by nature and was obviously born with an Inquiring Mindset that has helped me find solutions to all kind of obstacles.

I believe business is made by people for people – H2H, and is a result of trust. I also believe there will always be a solution for every problem – sometimes the solution might not be that obvious so it will require some innovative and creative thinking.

Never loose a Holy Curiosity – Albert Einstein

Take Care, Stay Well, and enjoy the Challenges Life Brings!


Turku July 2015

4 thoughts on “About me”

  1. Hi Ann,
    We are using Oracle 12c SE and trying to use dbms_parallel_execute to accomplish some task in parallel. The problem is that it opens up different sessions for its parallel processing since Oracle uses DBMS Scheduler for the purpose.

    I am looking if the entire process could be complete in single parent session. The reason I am looking so is because my process puts up data some global temporary table and I need that data in parent session but still want the leverage on dbms_parallel_execute feature of Oracle.


  2. Hi, I am Korean.
    So, my English could be poor.
    Lately, my customer started to use SE.
    But I have lack of experience about it.
    I think that your website very useful for me.
    Thanks about it.
    Have a good time.

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