Dbvisit Standby #1- using “Data Guard’s” init.ora?

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Dbvisit Standby using the same parameters as DG – part 1?

I was just about to take my first steps with Dbvisit Standby, and felt that I needed a better understanding about this product. The easiest approach for me at that moment, were to ask questions from a Data Guard perspective, since I just read the amazing Handbook for DG.

These questions were verified by the Service Delivery Manager at Dbvisit,   Mike Donovan. Thanks Mike for your help!

So let’s share what I have just learned…..

Question#1: Data Guard Specific init.ora parameters. How about Dbvisit Standby, is the software using these?

Answer#1: Dbvisit Standby does not alter any init ora parameters on either primary or standby side, the only exception is DB_FILE_NAME_CONVERT and LOG_FILE_NAME_CONVERT during CSD (=create standby database). Init ora parameters do not really affect Dbvisit Standby default functionality (transfer/apply) but may influence the way it performs actions like: CSD, Add standby datafile when primary datafiles added, GS (locations of new redo logs on the new primary), Activate (locations of new redo logs on the new primary)

Here are some specific parameters, and the answers from a Dbvisit Standby point of view:

  • DB_UNIQUE_NAME: Primary and standby may have different DB_UNIQUE_NAME but must have the same DB_NAME
  • CONTROL_FILES:Control files location/names on primary and standby are completely independent
  • DB_CREATE_FILE_DEST:Location where OMF datafile (and possibly other database files) are created when not implicitly specified. Dbvisit Standby is not concerned with this param on the primary, but when it is set on the standby side during CSD, Dbvisit Standby will favour creating OMF datafile in the specified location
  • LOG_ARCHIVE_DEST_n:Dbvisit Standby uses this param on the primary to search for logs to transfer if they cannot be found in v$archived_log
    Dbvisit Standby might set these params during CSD for certain types of database files, when locations on the primary and standby are different.
  • STANDBY_FILE_MANAGEMENT:Our assumption is that this param should be only used with EE. When set AUTO, Dbvisit Standby assumes standby datafiles are added automatically   by Oracle. When set to MANUAL, our custom code is used to detect new datafile should be added to the standby, and to add them during Dbvisit Standby default run on the standby.

I have more questions concerning Dbvisit Standby software, so if you are interested stay tune!

Have a lovely Sunday evening!

Turku 21.9.2014

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