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The internet world is full of information about how to do things from an Oracle EE perspective but seldom take in account the restrictions that an Oracle SE database may face.

By googling we could find advice like:

SELECT output FROM TABLE (dbms_workload_repository.awr_report_text( v_dbid, v_Instance_number, v_curr_val, v_curr_val+v_snap_delta))

or how to make use of DBMS_SQLTUNE package, or performing a SELECT from V$SQL_PLAN_MONITOR command.

If above is executed on a Standard Edition Database, you are violating the licence agreement and Oracle database will not tell you about it (to my knowledge up to 12.1 anyhow).

I started to write this blog and went speaking on conferences since I had gained experience on 'how to think SE', and wanted to share it to help others understand the luring pitfalls if not asking the right questions before executing commands on a SE Database.

All articles written will be available also in the future under this Oracle SE Stuff menu.

Let me borrow a quote from Mr. Taubmann, with a slight change (report->blog)

This blog is in no way designed to be definitive. Rather, the objective is to encourage thinking about the future, to stimulate and facilitate debate, discourse and discussion, so that we are all better placed to shape our industry in the years that lie ahead.

Holger Taubmann, Senior Vice President Distribution, Amadeus

Enjoy, Take care, and stay well !


12th july 2017


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