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APEX5 on standard edition database

apex5 standard edition database

APEX 5 on a Standard Edition Database

Long time ago Oracle released the Oracle webDB product, which to my understanding is the far away ancestor of the latest APEX 5 product. The knowledge of webDB isn’t much of a help anymore, so before proceeding to install APEX5 on my Standard Edition Database environment, I decided its better to ask an expert on the subject, for some guidance. I didn’t need an upgrade, since this was a clean environment.

Last year at the OUGN14 conference, I had the pleasure to meet this very nice lady Iloon Ellen-Wolff, and since she’s the Global Technical Lead Application Express, I asked her for some advices. Thanks Iloon for all good information!

The advice

  • since I insisted on staying on my SE, I needed to patch the database with 19769486 (later also found out from a blog, that 20618595 should be implemented, so ended up installing 20299016, which contained both patches)
  • uninstall the pre-installed APEX402 from the CDB
  • install the APEX5 into the PDB
    • Yes in a Standard Edition I am entitle to one PDB
  • Install and configure the Oracle REST Data Service
    • I was told, that this is the preferred service to use with APEX5

It later turned out, that I needed the documents mentioned below (1-4) plus some direct questions to different people, and some googling, before my APEX5 + Oracle REST Data service was functioning.

  1. I started by reading the Application Express Guide for 12c, to see how to uninstall the old preinstalled version of APEX from my 12c CDB.
  2. The installation steps for 12c PDB I got from the APEX5 Installation Guide. This text If you configured RESTful Web services, then these additional accounts will be created, from the section 4.5.1 Downloading and installing APEX (step 7) did make me confused; should I have installed the REST before APEX5?
  3. I installed and configured the Oracle REST data service by using this guide
  4. And then performed the authentication specific step by following this guide

Even though I performed the steps I ended up with this error when logging into my http://localhost:8080/ords/


My struggle with  Oracle REST Dataservice was inevitable. This was actually a good thing, since personally I believe that by getting errors you actually get the opportunity to learn more.

The above error, wasn’t that simple to get around – I asked different kind of people for their opinions, and I got as many advices as people asked.

The “apex_epg_config.sql” I don’t need to run (admit, I even tried this one), since I am not using the Embedded PL/SQL Gateway. This is to my understanding the preinstalled APEX402 method, since it uses the Oracle XML DB HTTP components, and its a component available to those who don’t want to install/use a seperate HTTP Server.

i.war file was then suggested. Under 1.6.1 Weblogic Server  there is a 1.6.4 Configuring …Images. This one I did, and I copied it to two different locations:

  • /oracle/home/apex/images (the APEX5 zip file was unzipped to /home/oracle/apex) 
  • /oracle/home/ords/apex/images (the REST package was unzipped to /home/oracle/ords, and the APEX- folders images director was copied here)

Nothing helped.

The last thing I did, was adding this row to the apex.properties file (leaving the i.war files in the above directories), and after this everything worked and I am now constructing my first APEX5 application.

[oracle@se12t1 ords]$ cat apex.properties
#Sat Apr 25 21:54:37 EEST 2015

Summary (your feedback is welcome)

Personally I would have liked the idea of one document in a step-by-step fashion way, and not with all these references to all kind of documents.

Troubleshooting section, did not give me a non-java-developer much help, and I am still wondering about this:

“should the REST service be installed before the APEX5”,

since I was redoing many of the phases during this “image misconfiguration troubleshooting phase”.

I guess I just need to start from scratch one more time, and use my own step-by-step notes that I made, to see if the assumptions I am now making are right or wrong. Or maybe somebody out there have an answer?

But I leave it to another time, because now I am learning to masterAPEX5.

Take care, stay well and enjoy your week!


Turku 26th April 2015