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OUG Harmony15 Reflections


OUG Harmony15 Reflections

This years Harmony Conference was a result of the collaboration  between Oracle User Group Finland (=OUGF), Oracle User Group Estonia (=OUGE), and Latvian Oracle User Group (=LVOUG), and the event was held on the 11th and 12th of June in the Swissôtel Hotel in vicinity of medieval Hansa city of Tallinn in Estonia.

Thanks OUG Harmony15 organisation for accepting me as one of the 19 speakers.

This years Keynote Speaker was Graham Wood, and the other speakers were Kellyn Pot’Vin-Gorman, Brendan Tierney, Bryn Llewellyn,Kai Yu, Emre Baransel, Frank Nimphius, Jan Karremans, Juris Trošins, Luís Marques, Marcel-Jan Krijgsman, Martin Widlake, Nikolay Savvinov, Øyvind Isene, Philippe Fierens, Radu Pârvu, Robert Lockard, and Simo Vilmunen and we all were giving our best to the attendees.

speakerHarmony15 (1)     Thanks to OUG Harmony

Ilmar Kerm and his girlfriend were amazing hosts, and thanks for both showing the Town of Tallinn and the Viru Bog Study trail to us, as well as sharing your thoughts with us. The speakers dinner party was also well-arranged and of high standard, as well as the conference. Thanks to you all!

Copyright/AnnSjökvist A Sniper can it be compared with Standard Edition? 

After talking to Robert Lockard I needed to check the definition on “sniper”, and couldn’t help myself for letting my imagination fly away.

The definition of a sniper (I took the liberty of replacing one word, and apologies if by doing so I offend anybody)

“A sniper is a marksman or qualified specialist who operates alone, in a pair, or with a sniper team to maintain close visual contact with the “community” …

As a Standard Edition advocate and an old sportsperson in shooting, I could not just resist this comparison. Strange humour of mine. 🙂

Thanks Robert for bringing your thoughts to the table. They made me realise things I never had thought about in that context.

My own talk on Standard Edition was attended by 20 listeners. I really enjoyed the talk, and it felt as I was able to awaken the awareness of Standard Edition pitfalls, opportunities, and challenges. Thanks to all who were attending.

The fourth Standard Edition Round table was also a success. The room was almost full, just a couple of seats left. Even thought there was no official feedback collected, we got positive feedback from the attendees, so yes we felt together with Jan and Philippe that we did a good job. Thanks guys for yet a great RT!

http://thegeekymormon.com (c)       Need for Collaboration

Another memorable discussions I had, was with Nikolay Savvinov on how to increase the collaboration between different people within the business society. Thanks Nikolay for bringing your thoughts to the table. They made me realise things I never had thought about.

I don’t know how many of you have had a Finnish Sauna experience, but it’s common that people, even strangers just join the crowd in the Finnish sauna wearing nothing but their birthday suit (=no clothes). By doing so, everybody is equal and everybody can join the conversation without preconceptions.

Maybe if we all would be able to enjoy a “mental Finnish sauna” at work, we would be able to collaborate a little better. We might be able to listen to our team members despite the genre they represent – ceo, dba, developer, customer, scientist, solution conductor etc.

What do you think? Would the business society benefit if people could let loose and start enjoy a “mental Finnish sauna”? Would it help us start listening and provide more respect to other people’s views and opinions?

So until next conference, take care, stay well and enjoy your week!


Turku 17th of June 2015