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BREAKING NEWS – Oracle ODA SE2 Bare Metal RELEASED Today 21st June 2016

AnnSjokvist(c)2016 – Dreams

ODA X6-2S / X6-2M – Yes, it’s true!

(Standard Edition 2 Bare Metal solution)

Oracle Corporate (c) - "SE options
Oracle Corporate (c) – “SE options

Oracle has just officially announced, that “Little Brother Standard Edition2 Database” has joined the Oracle Database Appliance family.

Started in 2014

It was back in the beginning of 2014 when I first got acquainted with the ODA solution. I have also written about my thoughts on both LinkedIn and on my blog (sejustloveit.com). This old video of ODA will give you a feeling about what it is and what it may provide.

Back in autumn 2014 I asked Mr John Abel, Head of Technology and Cloud for UK, Ireland and Israel at Oracle if it had ever crossed Oracles mind, to make ODA the “Little Brother of EXADATA”, and by so providing an affordable smart solution to small customers”.

“Forget it!”

Passionately I tried to convince people in Oracle Community about the missing opportunities a ‘Standard-Edition-Bare-Metal-ODA’ solution would bring to the community, but everybody told me “Forget it! Oracle will never make a ‘Standard-Edition-Bare-Metal-ODA’ solution available!”.

Pardon me for saying: “With passion, innovation and creative thinking things do happens, and SE JUST LOVE IT”.  Makes me feel good.

UKOUG TECH15- ODA Director

At UKOUG TECH 15 Conference I finally had the opportunity, to talk to Tammy Bednar, Director Product Management, Oracle Database Appliance at Oracle, about ODA with a SE Bare Metal solution. Since then, I have asked and asked, and Thanks Tammy to You and your Oracle team mates.  It would be a pleasure to meet the “gang” who made this solution come true!

Have I tested ODA X6/2S?

To my knowledge there are no such service available as an “ODA test drive Cloud”, that would give you an insight on what it is and what it isn’t. Like it is with a new car; everybody wants to test drive before buying – right?

So the answer to the question is unfortunately I haven’t been able to make a deeper test drive. Is there things a Standard Edition DBA should “avoid”? That would be a great thing to explore, and write about. For sure there are much to explore from a Standard Edition point of view. To my understanding, there are “gadgets” in there, that are only available with the Enterprise Edition version of ODA. Will the need of innovative thinking vanish in an ODA X6/2S 2/M? Left to see.

CTO / CIO a ‘ODA X672S’ solution?

IMHO this is a solution worth checking. The costs building a new system will probably be less, than the standard way  -buy a server and then start building the system. A customer told me once, that it took them 6 months to get a new server up and running.

Here is some material  ODAX6-2CustomerPresentation I received from Tammy. I hope it will guide You, when you start to explore this new solution for your Standard Edition Database. Thanks Tammy



And the entry List Price for X6-2S is $18.000. Did I make you interested?

Oracle Standard Edition Community will have the opportunity to choose from two different “ODA SE2 Bare Metal” versions ODA X6-2S and ODA X6-2M.

Database Appliances for Every Organization – X6/2S/2M

  • it doen’t yet support virtualization
  • contains a new Appliance Manager (ODACLI)
  • NVM Express (new standard for PCI Express (PCIe SSD))
    • works directly with PCIe interface, No SCSI protcol overhead
  • there is an REST API that supports Oracle Cloud
  • SE2 License model is either 1-socket (X6-2s), a 2-socket (X6-2M)  or NUP based (NUPS/min 10 users/server)
  • Security is “Built In, and not Bolt out” – Oracle (c)2016
    • Secure Oracle Operating System (default to highest levels of security)
    • Advanced Security Features (EE only)
    • Secure Out-of-the-Box (RPM requirements)
    • Timely System Updates (single patch for entire stack)
    • Complete In-house HW Design( Motherboard, BIOS, and service processor firmware designed 100% Oracle)
  • High-speed for memory
  • High Available Network Connectivity
  • High performance and reliable OS storage

Oracle’s promise:

oracle (c)
oracle (c)


Oracle has today released ODA X6/2S and ODA X6/2M solution that has a Standard Edition 2 Bare Metal Installation.

Is this an opportunity for Oracle Standard Edition Community?  Is this an affordable solution for a small customer, and will the customer be able to start small and let his business grow, and eventually be able to upgrade to EE+ODA technology when his business requires? IMHO I think so.

Will ODA X6/2M or ODA X6/2S have a fair chance in the Cloud society? I think we all know at least one DBA, who once in a while loves to hug his DB Server, to check that everything is ok – So, yes I do believe there is a positive future for this solution.

What do you think?

Take care, stay well, and let’s stay curious in life!


Helsinki, 21. June 2016

SE track a Success at UKOUG TECH15

icc        Success at TECH15!

Standard Edition Track in Birmingham

From all kind of social medias, I have since Harmony2014 Conference seen a growing activity around the Oracle Database Standard Edition database. People within Oracle Community, including people working only on an Enterprise Edition database environment , have blogged, talked, asked advices etc about the obstacles, struggles, and solutions that the Standard Edition database can/will/have caused.

In April this year, at the OUGN conference this thought of bringing the Standard Edition Database Community together grew and thanks to the UKOUG committee we finally had a Standard Edition Track at the TECH15 Conference in Birmingham 7th-9th December 2015.

Now sitting at the airport in Copenhagen on this Wednesday the 9th Dec reflecting what has been accomplished, I have the same feeling I had after winning my first Gold medal in an European Championship. I feel proud, joy, emptiness, and have high expectations for the future of the Oracle Standard Edition database.

Super Sunday Reflections


As a first timer at UKOUG conference, this was a nice way to get acclimatised. I had the opportunity to listen to

  • Developing Applications for RAC & Exadata – What You Need to Know by Bjoern Rost – portrix Systems GmbH
  • 12c Features for Developers by Connor McDonald – Oracle
  • Transforming One Table to Another: SQL or PL/SQL? By Bryn Llewellyn – Oracle  and Co-presenter(s): Jonathan Lewis.

And the take-away from Sunday: “Super Great Experience”. If you haven’t tried it yet, I recommend to schedule it at TECH16 Conference.

7th Dec SE Track Reflections

Penny Avr Penny Avril, VP Oracle

We were loaded with many speakers, and a Roundtable.

Many great thoughts, and discussions from both the audience and the speakers during this day. We had the honour of having Penny Avril, Vice President of Oracle and Dominic Giles, Product Managers for the Oracle Database from Oracle listening to some of the talks, and of cause we grabbed the opportunity to exchange our concerns and thoughts that the Standard Edition Community are having.

The speakers of first Standard Edition Track

  • An Insight into Oracle Standard Edition, What’s Included, What’s Not, and How to plug Some of Those Holes! By Tom Dale – Fivium
  • Standard Edition Something for the Enterprise or the Cloud? by Ann Sjökvist – SE – JUST LOVE IT
  • Looking for Performance Issues in Oracle SE – Check what OraSASH Can do for You by Marcin Przepiorowski – Delphix
  • Silent but Deadly : SE Deserves Your Attention by Philippe Fierens – FCP & Jan Karremans – Jk Consult, ACE
  • Oracle SE – RAC, HA and Standby are Still Available. Even Cloud! by Chris Lawless – Dbvisit Software
  • SE DBA’s Life a Bed of Roses? by Ann Sjökvist – SE – JUST LOVE IT

Standard Edition Round table

Also at our Standard Edition Roundtable we had the pleasure of beside Dominic Giles having Jonathan Lewis, and Maria Colgan, Master Product Manager For Oracle Database In-Memory.  

Standard Edition RT

Oracle support Standard Edition 2 and have plans on doing so for a long time

We received a promise,  Oracle will provide a version of SE2 for long, so……

  • Can we focus on enjoying the Standard Edition 2 opportunities and find good solutions and helping our customers, instead of complaining about the loss of SE1/SE?
  • Might the old on-premises model be replaced with the Cloud solution, and might the Cloud solution provide a better ROI for a small company?
  • Can we stay open-minded and give SE2 a chance?
  • Are we able to provide a solutions for our customers with SE2?

Personally I think so. After talking to a person about cloud and security I’m starting to look at cloud in a different way. He said:

“Oracle have a far bigger budget on hiring the best security specialists in the world, than a small company ever can dream of. So yes, it’s as secure environment as it can be according todays standard” 


Finally I would like to thank all our attendees, speakers, and Penny, Dominic, Maria, Jonathan and all the others for attending our Standard Edition Track and the Standard Edition Roundtable.

Also a huge thanks to UKOUG who made this possible.

Take care, stay well and let’s make something positive out of SE2 opportunity!


Copenhagen 9th Dec 2015

SE2 released TODAY 1st Sept 2015

(c) Ann sjökvist

SE2 released TODAY 1st Sept 2015

Today is a great day for Oracle Standard Edition Community!

The “Oracle Database Standard Edition 2 (=SE2)” has been released, and can now be downloaded

What’s new with SE2?

  1. The concepts “Standard Edition (=SE)” and “Standard Edition One (=SE1)” is gone, and the new name is “Oracle Database Standard Edition 2 (=SE2) edition”
  2. Oracle Database Standard Edition (=SE) Licensed Customers can download the new SE2 without any extra costs
  3. Standard Edition One (=SE1) Licensed Customers can download the new SE2 with an extra migration fee. Yes, that’s right. Without the extra migration cost, these customers are not allowed to migrate to the SE2.
  4. The Oracle Database Standard Edition Two (=SE2) will have a restriction of max 2 sockets, and max 16 threads/database. And if hyper thread is in use, there is a max 8 threads/database.
  5. The RAC feature will be available in the new SE2 release. Please keep in mind the max 2 socket and max 16 cores (hyper thread= max2 socket &max 8 core) rule.

See oracle.com for more information.

  • http://www.oracle.com/us/corporate/pricing/databaselicensing-070584.pdf
  • http://www.oracle.com/us/corporate/pricing/sig-070616.pdf

How long will Oracle Database in any edition remain under Premier Support?

Full patching support for for all versions of 12gR1 (Enterprise Edition, Standard Edition and Standard One Edition) will be proviced for an additional 12 months from the release of SE2, so through until end August 2016.

After that period Oracle Database will enter Sustaining Support. There won’t be any Extended Support for Oracle Database in any edition.

Will there be an Oracle Database Standard Edition SE/SE1?

Beginning with the release of Oracle Database,  Oracle Database Standard Edition (SE) and Oracle Database Standard Edition One (SE1) are no longer being released. was the final edition that we will produce for SE and SE1.

MOS Note:742060.1 Release Schedule of Current Database Releases does reflect this extension already:  Release: Patching Ends: 31st of August 2016

I suspect lot’s of tweets on this subject, so I hope you all will remember to use the #orclse or #orclse2 tag.

Take care, stay well, and enjoy a life with the new SE2!


Turku 1st September 2015 Standard Edition R2 is planned for Q3 CY2015

(c) Ann Sjökvist
Finland 2:30 am – Summer The Best Time to Visit


3rd of July 2015 SE Day Standard Edition R2 is planned for Q3 CY2015

NOTE – UPDATE – 8th of July 2015

Changes has been announced today, so PLEASE CHECK these new documents!

Doc2027072.1 Disappeared.

Replaced by updates in Doc1905806.1 and Doc742060.1

(c) Ann Sjökvist

What an amazing day of turbulence on twitter!

NOTE – 3rd July 2015 Breaking News

Standard Edition (SE) and Standard Edition One (SE1) are replaced by Standard Edition 2.

Customers running SE or SE1 will need to migrate their licenses to SE2 to be able to upgrade to Note 2027072.1

During last months the Standard Edition Community have often asked themselves:

“When will Standard Edition Database release 2 ( arrive?”

Yesterday I received a question from Laurent Leturgez , asking if I had any information about SE12.1.0.2:

(c)Ann Sjökvist

Since I hadn’t, I asked the Database Product Manager at Oracle Dominic Giles,  and shortly the Standard Edition Community  received the information we all been waiting for:


The Standard Edition Database version (Rel2) is planned to arrive in Q3 CY2015! And Support extended 6 months

Thanks Dominic for assisting the Oracle Standard Edition Community during this time of uncertainty.

Twitter Turbulence – 3rd of July 2015 (Europe temp > 35°C)

However, this message kicked off some “turbulence on twitter”, and besides facts, of cause also lots of seeds of rumours were planted.

(c) Ann Sjökvist

Please check out Laurent’s blog

(c)Ann Sjökvist

(c) Ann Sjökvist

Please check out Stefan’s blog

(c) Ann Sjökvist

(c)Ann Sjökvist

(c) Ann Sjökvist

Please read Ludovico’s thought about SE2 from his blog

(c) Ann Sjökvist

Please read Jan’s own thoughts about Standard Edition Rel2. Jan thanks for the mention on your blog.

(c) Ann Sjökvist

Please check out Lothar’s blog.

(c) Ann Sjökvist

(c) Ann Sjökvist

(c) Ann Sjökvist

Please check out Alberto’s blog.

(c) Ann Sjökvist

Please check out Franck’s blog.

(c) Ann Sjökvist

(c) Ann Sjökvist

Please check out Dominic’s blog. Thanks Dominic for your help! I am sure everybody in Oracle Standard Edition Community really appreciate your helping hand!

(c) Ann Sjökvist

As Ludovico mentioned on one of his tweets, we absolutely need the twitter buzz around Standard Edition, but we also know the effect of “bad apples in the basket”.

So would it be more beneficial for Standard Edition Community to give the amazing team working on Oracle Standard Edition a break? I am sure Dominic will provide us with more facts when possible.

I liked the initiative from Franck asking for information on Standard Edition REL2 New Features. We need more initiative like this. Thanks Franck for supporting the Standard Edition Community!

Oracle Note 2027072.1 on SE2

Please read Note 2027072.1 for more information. The  License Agreement policy will change between Standard Edition / Standard Edition One and But once again. The expected release:

The release of Oracle Database SE2 is planned for Q3 CY2015

And the extended support for Standard Edition is 6 months.

Take care, stay well, and let’s enjoy this beautiful and warm weather! Yes finally even Scandinavia have got warm weather.


Turku 4th of July 2015 – Happy Independence Day to you in U.S!