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Big Data and Standard Edition


Standard Edition and Big Data Seriously?

Right now I am enjoying my time with EMC training and a course on Big Data. During the course a statement about what is Big Data got me thinking

How many small companies running their business on a Standard Edition database system are maybe misinterpreting the concept of Big Data, and thereby loosing the opportunities that Big Data Analysis can bring them?

This is the statement  I am referring to is (EMC Education property):

Big Data is really about ANY attribute that challenges the constraints of a system capability or business need, and it’s not only about size.

Thank’s EMC for pointing out this to me, and others that maybe like I  have misinterpreted the concept Big Data.

So for those of you who are working on a Standard Edition Database, why not put your data to the next level, and begin to discuss the possibilities and extra value your data can give your business.  As its not only about size, the Big Data Analysis is probably beneficial everywhere.

Maybe by analysing your data, a new services could be created, and by doing so, increase the business value for both you and your customers.

Take care (also remember to take care of your data), stay well and enjoy the day!


Turku 12.5.2015