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Standard Edition Future?

A while ago I receiving a rumour saying

“the Oracle Standard Edition Database will stop being in the future”. 

(this article was originally posted on LinkedIn)

I asked some peers about this rumour about standard edition future, to see if there might be a truth in there. Some had heard it and some had not.

I liked the comment from one person:

“Putting a rumour like that in the air, would be a easy way of checking peoples opinions,  since if this edition is widely in use this rumour will cause some buzz among its peers”.

Many of us working with or having a big interest in Oracle Standard Edition database have noticed this from Oracle Support (Doc ID 742060.1 the end of patching for is planned for July 2015), this is for all editions on 12c.

Bertrand sent me a question on my blog, that fired of this post, because the Standard Edition Database future version is not yet available. Thanks Bertrand!

Inevitable this gap of a missing Standard Edition version, and the note on “end of patch of”, can cause some headache to some people planning an upgrade project in the Oracle Standard Edition Database Community.

When will the Standard Edition Database version be available?

From Oracle Doc:1905806.1 this can be found: “A separate announcement will be made when we release Standard Edition and Standard Edition One. When a public schedule is announced, it will be added to Release Schedule of Current Database Releases (Doc ID 742060.1).

It was good to hear from one of my peers that Oracle is really working hard on a Standard Edition Database version. Still the fact about the gap is there, and inevitable this timeframe may cause some stress in near future upgrading projects.

After all this rumours and facts around Standard Edition, it made me ask my self:

In the Oracle Community we have all kinds of ACE(s), which are people who love to help the society to get better OracleTechnology knowledge/information through all kind of social media, but I haven’t heard anybody speaking about any Standard Edition Ambassador, so

Is there such a person, to whom we can turn to, when we search for some specific Standard Edition Database information?

If such person is not available, would it be benefitial for the Oracle Standard Edition Community to have such a person?

Since you are still reading this, I hope the post awakened some thoughts and questions, since solutions only comes by questioning, and if there is any truth in this rumour, now is the time to speak up – if you would like to keep on enjoying Standard Edition Database and its opportunities in the future.

Since both Finland and Sweden will have “Vappu”/”Valborgs” on Thursday, I wish you all either “Klara Vappen (Finnish salut)”, or “Trevlig Valborg”!

Take Care, stay well, and on Thursday: “drink not drive”.


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