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BREAKING NEWS – Oracle ODA SE2 Bare Metal RELEASED Today 21st June 2016

AnnSjokvist(c)2016 – Dreams

ODA X6-2S / X6-2M – Yes, it’s true!

(Standard Edition 2 Bare Metal solution)

Oracle Corporate (c) - "SE options
Oracle Corporate (c) – “SE options

Oracle has just officially announced, that “Little Brother Standard Edition2 Database” has joined the Oracle Database Appliance family.

Started in 2014

It was back in the beginning of 2014 when I first got acquainted with the ODA solution. I have also written about my thoughts on both LinkedIn and on my blog ( This old video of ODA will give you a feeling about what it is and what it may provide.

Back in autumn 2014 I asked Mr John Abel, Head of Technology and Cloud for UK, Ireland and Israel at Oracle if it had ever crossed Oracles mind, to make ODA the “Little Brother of EXADATA”, and by so providing an affordable smart solution to small customers”.

“Forget it!”

Passionately I tried to convince people in Oracle Community about the missing opportunities a ‘Standard-Edition-Bare-Metal-ODA’ solution would bring to the community, but everybody told me “Forget it! Oracle will never make a ‘Standard-Edition-Bare-Metal-ODA’ solution available!”.

Pardon me for saying: “With passion, innovation and creative thinking things do happens, and SE JUST LOVE IT”.  Makes me feel good.

UKOUG TECH15- ODA Director

At UKOUG TECH 15 Conference I finally had the opportunity, to talk to Tammy Bednar, Director Product Management, Oracle Database Appliance at Oracle, about ODA with a SE Bare Metal solution. Since then, I have asked and asked, and Thanks Tammy to You and your Oracle team mates.  It would be a pleasure to meet the “gang” who made this solution come true!

Have I tested ODA X6/2S?

To my knowledge there are no such service available as an “ODA test drive Cloud”, that would give you an insight on what it is and what it isn’t. Like it is with a new car; everybody wants to test drive before buying – right?

So the answer to the question is unfortunately I haven’t been able to make a deeper test drive. Is there things a Standard Edition DBA should “avoid”? That would be a great thing to explore, and write about. For sure there are much to explore from a Standard Edition point of view. To my understanding, there are “gadgets” in there, that are only available with the Enterprise Edition version of ODA. Will the need of innovative thinking vanish in an ODA X6/2S 2/M? Left to see.

CTO / CIO a ‘ODA X672S’ solution?

IMHO this is a solution worth checking. The costs building a new system will probably be less, than the standard way  -buy a server and then start building the system. A customer told me once, that it took them 6 months to get a new server up and running.

Here is some material  ODAX6-2CustomerPresentation I received from Tammy. I hope it will guide You, when you start to explore this new solution for your Standard Edition Database. Thanks Tammy



And the entry List Price for X6-2S is $18.000. Did I make you interested?

Oracle Standard Edition Community will have the opportunity to choose from two different “ODA SE2 Bare Metal” versions ODA X6-2S and ODA X6-2M.

Database Appliances for Every Organization – X6/2S/2M

  • it doen’t yet support virtualization
  • contains a new Appliance Manager (ODACLI)
  • NVM Express (new standard for PCI Express (PCIe SSD))
    • works directly with PCIe interface, No SCSI protcol overhead
  • there is an REST API that supports Oracle Cloud
  • SE2 License model is either 1-socket (X6-2s), a 2-socket (X6-2M)  or NUP based (NUPS/min 10 users/server)
  • Security is “Built In, and not Bolt out” – Oracle (c)2016
    • Secure Oracle Operating System (default to highest levels of security)
    • Advanced Security Features (EE only)
    • Secure Out-of-the-Box (RPM requirements)
    • Timely System Updates (single patch for entire stack)
    • Complete In-house HW Design( Motherboard, BIOS, and service processor firmware designed 100% Oracle)
  • High-speed for memory
  • High Available Network Connectivity
  • High performance and reliable OS storage

Oracle’s promise:

oracle (c)
oracle (c)


Oracle has today released ODA X6/2S and ODA X6/2M solution that has a Standard Edition 2 Bare Metal Installation.

Is this an opportunity for Oracle Standard Edition Community?  Is this an affordable solution for a small customer, and will the customer be able to start small and let his business grow, and eventually be able to upgrade to EE+ODA technology when his business requires? IMHO I think so.

Will ODA X6/2M or ODA X6/2S have a fair chance in the Cloud society? I think we all know at least one DBA, who once in a while loves to hug his DB Server, to check that everything is ok – So, yes I do believe there is a positive future for this solution.

What do you think?

Take care, stay well, and let’s stay curious in life!


Helsinki, 21. June 2016